ISIFLO GT-Fittings


The Isiflo GT fittings range, consistes of a serie of durable, high strength and high quality threaded pipe fittings. It has been developed to use the unique benefits of the high tech composite material to the full.

The material strength will ensure that you get a long term, firm and stabile connection.

Manufactured from a raw material approved for use with potable water.The high quality glass fibre reinforced composite material gives you a weather, termite, fungi & bacteria resistant connection.

Suitable for use above and below ground and gives you a broad application area (horticultural, agricultural, irrigation, marine & plumbing.)ISO 228 parallel threads are used in this strong, lightweight and compact fitting.

One of the most important advantages is the attribute to use it as a isolator between different metals to minimize/remove the risk of getting galvanic corrosion.